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When I first began looking around for a good, honest and helpful review on the subject of wild damiana as a legal alternative, I couldn’t really find a good first hand account review and also where to buy damiana at an affordable cost. I was also curious to see if there were any other natural legal alternatives that produced similar effects to that of wild damiana. What I found was an arraw of amazing natural plants and the main one that produced effects was one called Kratom, which I now use regularly.

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After hearing many interesting claims and personal reports in regards to this natural shrub, I decided to to buy some damiana leaf for my self and write my own personal review on the subject for those of us who are still in that same process.  I was also interested to find out where the best place to buy Damiana online was, at a low price. I ended up finding a very trusted online vendor who many consider one of the best places to buy wild damiana and other natural herbs if your looking for low cost high quality herbs.

Damiana Diagram

Damiana is a small shrub with small aromatic flowers that grows in various regions of the world including Texas, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. Damiana puts out strong spicey smell, much like chamomile and tends to blossoms in early to late summer, followed by some fruits similar to figs. It has been reported to be a very good alternative to other “illegal substances” like marijuana in the United States and also has long been reported to have powerful stimulating effects on libido which have continued into modern times.  Since many people can be severely punished or even loose work with the use of illegal herbs such as marijuana, there is now an increasing number of people looking to use natural herbs such as damiana in place of popular “illegal plants”.

Damiana Flower

After reading as much as possible about damiana and doing research, many claim damiana to have a powerful relaxing effect, as well as stimulating libido, especially when brewing tea. Since I needed to find something natural and legal to help with relaxation, while still being functional, I decided to buy damiana for my self and try it out first hand.  I put an order in from a well trusted U.S. online vendor and purchases 4 oz of dried Wild Damiana leaf and also 14g of Wild Dagga. After about 4 days, I received my order and immediately brewed 2g into a nice aromatic tea. The onset of effects were felt almost immediately after drinking the tea and a very nice warm relaxed feeling came over my body. Stress had subsided way down and I began to notice that things which usually would bother me did not make me irritable. 

Wild Dagga

After about 4 weeks of consistently using damiana, I was almost out and so I decided to place another order. I put in my second order of wild damiana and am now drinking some good tea as I write this review. The only complaint that I had, was that in my opinion smoking damiana was not as effective as brewing tea, but the less damage to my lungs the better. Overall damiana has definatly helped me out with aiding in relaxation, but as far as the claim to be “just like weed”, do not expect that.  In my opinion it has some similar effects, but you must remember that these are two completely different plants. If your looking for where to buy damiana then look for quality over quantity. I recommend to try Damiana and also some Wild Dagga mixed together. Another great healing plant is Kratom. Kratom is very effective in helping with many different health issues including stress and fatigue, especially if you have no other option and are looking for a natural legal alternative.

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Thank you for reading my review, I hope you found this informative and helpful in making a decision.